2009 Hazon Food Conference Highlights

Hazon Retreat 2009 018

Foodie fun abounds at the Hazon Food Conference — the only place in the world where farmers and rabbis, nutritionists and chefs, vegans and omnivores, come together to explore the dynamic interplay of food, Jewish tradition and contemporary life and play together at the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

This year’s programming will likely include the following highlights and much much more:

* Modern Kashrut: Perspectives on Chicken Schechting * GMOs &  Jewish tradition * Vegetarian Chef Round table * Healthy Food For Healthy Kids * Culture and Identity: A Changing of Ethnic Foodways in Israel * Asara b’Tevet is not a Master Cleanse: Intro to Jewish Fasting * Greening Your Institution * Decompose it Yourself – DIY composting * Milk It Yourself: Handmade Mozzarella * Jewish Female Farmers panel * Greenwashing and the food movement *


Some of you may have seen the below video about the 2008 Food Conference.  I think it does a great job conveying the issues we engage with together at Asilomar like ethical eating, sustainability and Jewish tradition, while together with a very special and inclusive community. Enjoy!

Don’t forget that early registration prices end on October 16. This is a busy time though, so if you know you’re coming to the conference, you might as well complete your registration today! If you have any questions about registration, don’t hesitate to be in touch — email me at avigail@hazon.org.

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  1. bob Says:

    I belong to a Chabad Lubavitch synagogue in my town, as they are the only Orthodox synagogue in my area. They believe tha G-d will take care of everything (they don’t believe that global warming is a fact). I was reading your website, but I could not figure if you are reform, reconstructionist, etc.


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