A Farmer’s Seder (Photo Journal)


How does a farmer celebrate Passover? For California-based farmer Emily Freed, the seders offered the chance to celebrate both the Exodus from Mitzrayim and also the first glorious tastes of spring. Check out her beautiful photo journal below the jump.

Freed’s journey from began with her transportation of chametz to a friend’s house around the corner – by bicycle of course!


A bowl of charoset with golden raisins and crunchy green apple at Uncle Jack and Aunt Jill’s (no joke) seder in Santa Rosa, CA


Getting a better view of the haggadah (Santa Rosa, CA)


The 10 plagues in focus (Santa Rosa, CA)


An overflowing pot of matzah balls to feed hungry seder guests (UC Santa Cruz)


This festive meal includes springtime tastes from the garden – asparagus and new potatoes. (Santa Rosa, CA)


The Fourth Annual “Seder in the Garden” – Alan Chadwick Garden at UC Santa Cruz.


Matzah and roses (UC Santa Cruz)


Matzah and roses – a second look (UC Santa Cruz)


Who wouldn’t want to be at this seder? Next year in Santa Cruz?!

What did your seder look like?  Did you do anything particularly wacky or wonderful this year?  Let us know below!

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4 Responses to “A Farmer’s Seder (Photo Journal)”

  1. phyllis Says:

    wow, these are gorgeous pictures! i wish i could go to this beautiful seder…

  2. Lauren Says:

    How beautiful!

  3. charlotte s Says:

    those pictures are absolutely beautiful- what an inspiring and liberating seder experience! chag sameach from israel!

  4. Farmer Freed Says:

    Everyone is invited to the fifth annual “Seder in the Garden” at the UCSC Alan Chadwick Garden. The outdoor/garden seders are magical and remind us of how blessed we are to live and work in such an amazing place right on the ocean.

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