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A Year in Review of the Hazon CSA program


We’ve just begun to distribute our Hazon CSA 2009 Season Report, and we figured that sharing it with our JCarrot readers might be fun for you all. Each of the carrots on the above map represents all of our CSAs for the 2010 season, but to learn more about what happened in 2009 in our longest standing food program, you can download the report. For instance, did you know the following?

In 2009:

  • The Hazon CSA program grew to 32 communities in the United States and Canada, with forty-one partner organizations, including synagogues, day schools, Hillels and JCCs and twenty eight partner farms.
  • Hazon CSAs brought an estimated 305,350 pounds of fresh, mostly organic, sustainable produce to about 6,100 people in over 2,500 member households!
  • and Hazon CSAs put Jewish purchasing power – more than $950,000 – behind local farmers who are committed to sustainable agriculture.


As we link people and families more closely to the land on which their food grows and the farmers who grow it, we are also renewing a sense of connection with the rich Jewish traditions that surround eating and agriculture.  Last year, Hazon CSA communities hosted 120 innovative educational events.  There were many farm visits, including sukkah-building and gleaning on partner farms; at host institutions, programs included cooking demonstrations, text studies on brachot, and special events for Tu B’Shvat.


Hazon is deeply grateful to the dedicated farmers, the passionate volunteer leaders in every Hazon CSA community who plan pick-ups and education events, and the partner institutions that host and support Hazon CSAs. To learn more about the Hazon CSA program click here.


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