My Afternoon with a Christian Libertarian Environmentalist Lunatic Farmer

When I was very little, my dream job was to be a farmer. The small family farms in rural Pennsylvania where I grew up romanticized the idea of farming.  We didn’t have enough land to have anything but a small vegetable garden, but I dreamed about someday having chickens, cows and maybe even a horse. But farming never became a reality except for my window-box herbs and my predilection for playing Farmville.

So last week, Ana Joanes, director of Fresh offered me the opportunity to hear Joel Salatin give a lecture.  Being a big fan of Omnivore’s Dilemma, Food Inc, and of course Fresh, this Jew was beyond thrilled to be able to spend Easter Sunday listening to this rockstar sustainable farmer explain how we can afford local artisanal food and how we could really feed the world with it.  Fascinating discussion.  His passion and dedication to the subject is undeniable.  I can’t wait to buy his book Everything I want to do is Illegal.

I got the chance to chat with Joel right before his talk.  Although the food movement is anything but new to him, I asked him what changes he has seen in the last several years.


So what changes in food have you seen over the last five years?  What positive changes have you made?  Are you eating differently?  Are healthy sustainable foods more readily available today than they were before?

The good people at Fresh were kind enough to give us two free passes to see the movie being shown at Quad Cinema in New York City April 9-15.  For a chance to win the tickets, leave a comment on this post about your thoughts on how the food movement is making changes to our lives.  Drawing will be held on Wednesday April 7 – so leave us a comment today!

Joel and Mia-Rut

Joel Salatin and Mia-Rut at Columbia University

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  1. Marissa Says:

    I love your blog! You gave me so many good ideas for my seder. Pick me for the Fresh tix please!

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