Announcing the Perfect Jewish Food Joke Contest!

Hello friends! To inaugurate the launch of this here web log — and keeping in our tradition of food, fun and Jewish life — we are launching a Jewish food joke contest! Submit all your favorite jokes about food in Jewish life here and we’ll post them for your chuckle-worthy enjoyment. Submissions will be read and the winning joke with be selected at Latkes to Lattes: Hazon’s Conference on Jews, Food and Contemporary Life on December 14 -17 (click for more info).

Our premiering joke is courtesy of Daniel Taub:

Greenbaum finally succumbs to years of temptation and enters a non-kosher restaurant. He decides to go the whole way and orders wild boar. It soon arrives – roasted whole, with an apple between its teeth on a silver platter.

Just as Greenbaum is about to raise his knife and fork, he is shocked to see his rabbi walk past the window of the restaurant. Equally shocked to see Greenbaum, the rabbi rushes into the restaurant to see what he is doing there.

“Such a fancy restaurant,” exclaims Greenbaum. “I just ordered an apple and look how fancy they serve it!”

This is the home of Jews, food and contemporary life on the web, with the aim of taking the talk about eating in the Jewish community up a notch. The sponsor of this site is Hazon, an organization dedicated to a more healthy and sustainable Jewish community on the road to a more healthy and sustainable world for all.

In the coming months, we will feature high profile interviews, feature stories, reflections from vast range of Jewish thinkers on what it means to grow, make, eat and dispose of our food consistently with Judaism’s values of concern for self, others and earth. Reach the blog team with news, events around the country and Israel, and story tips.

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