Anti-Semitism or Animal Rights?



On Ynet today (the website of Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s largest-circulation newspaper) is an article on European rabbis who are gearing up to fight a possible new European Union ruling on meat production that would require animals to be stunned before they are killed. According to the rabbis, this requirement would effectively prevent kosher meat from being produced in Europe.


The article only appears in Hebrew (though it could be in the process of translation for the English Ynet site). I did, however, find this article on Kashrut supervisors in Tiberias who will apparently be issued lasers for zapping bugs on vegetables in the open market.


photo: FreeFoto

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2 Responses to “Anti-Semitism or Animal Rights?”

  1. Michael Croland Says:

    Does anyone have more info about this in English?

  2. Michael Croland Says:

    Here’s The Jerusalem Post’s article:

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