Apply for the Israel Sustainable Food Tour with Hazon and Heschel


You are invited to apply for a highly subsidized five-day Tour of Israel (November 15-19, 2009), from the unique perspective of: food! Brought to you by Hazon and the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership, this tour will not be a culinary Tour of Israeli gastronomy (though there will amazing eating). Instead, this one-of-a-kind mission will highlight developments in Israel towards more sustainable food production and consumption, including:

* the booming fields of organic agriculture (farmers, distributors, co-ops)
* community supported agriculture (producers and consumers)
* slow food, artisanal, and traditional Hebrew and Arabic cuisine, as sustainable alternatives
* cutting-edge arid lands agricultural research
* permaculture and eco-living
* the halacha and aggada of food and Jewish tradition
* food, poverty and the environment: nutritional security and food safety
* livestock – problems and prospects in the Israeli dairy and meat industries
* sustainable agriculture as a focus of Israeli/Palestinian coexistence
* open-air markets, fair trade initiatives and the urban perspective
* and more…

We will:

* meet the innovative and entrepreneurial people—Jews, Arabs, farmers, scientists, activists, educators—whodeveloping these new projects;
* go to the places—the fields and farms, the research stations, the communities, the stores, the restaurants, the NGOs—where it’s all happening;
* learn the issues, and eat the produce and cooking that represents one of the newest and brightest developments in Israeli environmentalism.

The Tour is targeted at people from all professions and backgrounds interested in the environment, in Israel and sustainable food, whether familiar with the country or not.

Apply by June 15!

For more information about logistics, the application and pricing click here.

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