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Lesson from the Gulf: Continue the Energy Evolution

We all know the reasons oil is great. It powers our homes, lets us drive our cars anywhere we want, blah blah blah…

What I don’t understand is why so many people are so against developing alternative energies. Oil was not always the preferred energy. It had to be “discovered” to be utilized, and this occurred just over 100 years ago. That means that humanity went thousands of years using other energies. Then, as it seems to be human nature to constantly improve our lot, we developed a new energy source by digging for oil.

Getting Off The Bottle

This week, as Earth Day came and went and I attended a fair here or an Earth celebration there, it also donned on me that Spring is here!

So, beyond my environmental excursions, I also attended of variety of events held on my very own Columbia University. Yet, what I found was an inability to fully appreciate some of the events due to the ubiquity of plastic water bottles. Some may laugh, but I find myself becoming more and more annoyed with these obnoxious bottles that I suddenly see everywhere. As I have previously written about bottled water, my awakening began when seeing the movie “Blue Gold: World Water War’s” on instant play on Netflix. Then, I really became irked when seeing “The Story of Bottled Water,” which I posted on this blog.

New Podcast Episode with Wilderness Torah’s Julie Wolk

Listen to our new PODCAST, Episode 5 by clicking here!

Co-Founder Julie Wolk sits down with me on the latest Hazon Podcast. Listen to what Wilderness Torah is doing to revitalize the American Jewish Community. Also, don’t forget you can subscribe on iTunes by searching “Hazon”.

Also, don’t forget that it is Earth Day this week, so check out all the options going on in your area. For a good listing, check this website out

They have a map where you can choose where you live and find out what is going on near you!

Bottled Water Is Like Smoking While Pregnant

Earth Day New York

If you didn’t know, this past week featured World Water Day. A brief internet search can tell you more about this, but the general idea is for people to focus on water consumption and stress the importance of water conservation. Last summer, when I was wwoofing in Israel, water conservation was at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It only rains in the winter there, and farming in the summer meant that water had to be very seriously considered in its allotment. Luckily, farmers utilize gray water and drip irrigation methods to maximize water usage.

However, for those of us who do not live in the Middle East or on a farm, usually we are pretty unconcerned with our water usage. We shower everyday, run dishwashers, run laundry machines, brush our teeth and leave the water running (I never understood this one) and other daily mundane activities that consume our fresh water supply. In NYC, our fresh water is being threatened by drilling for natural gas near the reservoirs upstate, where our tap water comes from. The danger of losing our tap water is one of the most serious issues facing the future of the city.

New Podcast – RideCast Special

Happy Rider

Check out this new special Ride Edition Podcast! If you haven’t heard, Hazon is allocating funds raised from the Bay Area Ride a bit differently than past rides. It’s pretty exciting and really putting the power in the hands (or cycles) of Ride participants, who will get to decide where to allocate the funds they raise.
Also, if you didn’t hear about last year’s NY Ride engagement story, Marc tells us what he was thinking the day he proposed on the Ride.

Check it all out by clicking here!

New Hazon Podcast with Jewish Greening Fellowship Director

Director, Jewish Greening Fellowship

Director, Jewish Greening Fellowship

Check out the newest installment of the Hazon Podcast by clicking the link below. Please forward to your friends and let me know any thoughts you have on it.

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New Podcast Episode with Jewish Greening Fellowship Director

Highlights of this episode:

  • What is the Jewish Greening Fellowship?
  • Sign up for Bay Area and NY Rides

New Hazon Podcast – The Jewish Cowboy

Hey everyone!

Well the podcast is now officially under way and kicking off its debut season. As of now there are several options to access the podcast and subscribe to it so that it will play and download straight into your iTunes!

The first step to do is visit this site:


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Jewish Female Farmers Overcome Farm Fashion and Get Their Hands Dirty

Fresh out of ‘The Vegetable Monologues: Jewish Women Farmers’ it is clear that Jewish women have no hesitation in leading this Jewish Food Movement. This session featured a panel of four Jewish women farmers. Abbe Turner, who yesterday led a session on Do-It-Yourself: Making Mozzarella Cheese, discussed her experiences as a Cheese Farmer in Ohio. Anna Hanau and Elizabeth Giancola of the ADAMAH Farm talked about their transformative experiences which led them out of the office and into the field. And finally, Conference chair, Emily Freed shared her experiences on Jacob’s Farm, which just finished its biggest harvest season yet!

There is so Much MagnifIcence in the Ocean: Saying the Prayer Upon Seeing the Ocean

Sitting in sessions all day long, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Asilomar is located right on the Pacific Ocean. However, there was no way to forget that when the entire community walked down the boardwalk to the beach so that we could all say the blessing upon seeing the ocean for the first time. The text goes:

Barukh Ata Adonai Eloheinu Melekh haOlam Sheh-Asah Et HaYam HaGadol

Which translates to Blessed are you our God, King o the Universe, who made the Great (or Big) Ocean.

Ending Hunger at the Food Conference

The Friday morning session entitled “Food Justice: Tools to Help Organize and Lobby More Effectively” featured Scott Minkow and Eric Schockman. Minkow discussed the amazing work that he has been leading through the LA community Jewish Federation. One project that was really taking off is called “Fed Up With Hunger,” which approaches local city officials such as the County Board of Supervisors, the City Council, and others to incorporate healthy eating and living into neighborhoods around the city. In LA fashion the project enlisted the help of a celebrity person, Debra Messing, though it has also been tweeted by the famoulous Alyssa Milano. As the other panelist, Eric Schockman put it, “Fed Up With Hunger is an example of how a federation turns a battleship around” to make change.

Hazon Podcast – Interview with Nigel Savage

The following is the first episode of the Hazon Podcast, capturing the beat of the Jewish Food Movement and Hazon’s work. There will be more episodes in 2010 after we work out the kinks and get it on to iTunes. We will also be covering the Hazon Food Conference next week.