Be Local in 2009 with a Farmers Calendar


Do you love farmers?  Enough to look at them on your wall all year round?

If so, then check out the beautiful calendar for 2009 that Great Performances (a locally-focused catering company in NYC) published.  It features local farmers from Columbia County – truly some gorgeous shots – and all profits will go to farm-to-table education for urban children.

Buy one for yourself or a friend, here, and celebrate local produce throughout 2009!

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3 Responses to “Be Local in 2009 with a Farmers Calendar”

  1. shev Says:

    Well, this looks great ‘n’ all, but where is our Hazon Jewish calendar featuring KOL Foods, the Jewish Farm School, our shul CSA’s, the kosher wineries, Sweet Whisper Farms…

    A calendar without the Hebrew dates on it isn’t so helpful to me, and we need some Jewish Food Pride! (and wouldn’t they make a Great Chanukah Present?! Talk about kiruv…)

  2. Leah Says:

    Ask and ye shall receive, Shev! The Jewish Farm School has a very similar calendar, featuring Jewish organic farmers, Hazon’s NY Ride and Food conference, etc.

    We wrote about this amazing calendar on Jcarrot last year:

    And you can buy THIS year’s calender for only $18 (a great chanukah gift) here:


  3. shev Says:

    Whoa Leah! Awesome!
    Thanks :)

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