Beer-kay Avot?


Counting the Homer

Last year, I posted about the connection between beer, civilization and the Jewish people’s journey from Egypt to Sinai during the period of the omer.

This year, just as the counting of the omer began, I came across this article, which is a survey of contemporary authors concerning which beers they would pair with their novels! Some authors picked beers that matched the characteristics of their writing (“dark, with biting overtones,” etc.). Others chose more figuratively. For example, Michael Chabon responded, “The proper pairing with The Yiddish Policemen’s Union would of course be a nice cold bottle of Bruner Adler lager, brewed right in the Federal District of Sitka by Shoymer Brewing, Inc.”

Since it is traditional to study a different chapter of Pirke Avot each week during the period between Pesach and Shavuot, why not do the same thing, and drink a different beer during each week of study? For inspiration, you could match your beers to the kabbalistic qualities of each week. For instance, next week is “tif’eret,” – beauty, or harmony. A nice pairing might be a Saint Andre Vienna Lager, which is known for its balance between bitter and sweet.

What better way to follow the words of Yosse ben Yo’ezer, who says, in next week’s chapter of Pirke Avot:

Let your house be a gathering place for the wise;Be covered by the dust of their feet,

And drink in their words with thirst.

For a detailed guide to counting the omer, go here.

For a detailed guide on where to find your “Beer-kay Avot” of choice, go here.

For a resource guide to organic beers, go here.

And speaking of brews, for an interesting article on how to brew your own…ethanol, go here.

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3 Responses to “Beer-kay Avot?”

  1. Teh n00bzer Rebbe Says:

    Finally, Pesah is over and I can start brewing again.

  2. Ketzirah Carly Says:

    Eric — you are my new favorite JCarrot blogger. I will have to get a bottle of the Saint Andre Vienna Lager, and try it out.

    The beer a day omer calendar would be a great addition to the tradition!

  3. parshat emor Says:

    [...] beer-kay avot [...]

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