Beet Haikus from the Scottsdale Hazon CSA


Thanks to the Scottsdale Tuv Ha’Aretz Hazon CSA at the King David Jewish Community Day School for sharing these Beet Haikus! Look for a new contest soon!

Lower School Division

First Place (Tie)
Avery Polster (4th Grade):

Beets are delicious
Full of deep purples and reds
Great with jicama!

First Place (Tie)
Marcus Finks (4th Grade)

Beets aren’t so yucky
And their not like thick putty
My mom likes them, too.

Middle School Division

First Place
Daniel Shuster 6th grade

A red vegetable?
I do not know what they are.
I will Google them.

Adult Division

First Place
Susan Finks

I’m in the kitchen
Looks like I’m caught red-handed
Making borscht from scratch.

Honorable Mention
Lisa Pinkus

beets still in my fridge
what am I going to do?
how long ’til mold grows?

More Entries:

Alan Finks

Delicious red beets
They lie steaming on my plate
Pudding for desert?

Sam & Galit Rosen

Red Beets are so sweet
Yellow a bit more subtle
Greens with garlic – mmm…

Beets boiled ’till soft
Goat Cheese, olive oil, lemon
salt, pepper, garlic

David Pinkus

Do not be upset
’cause I love the CSA
But please no more beets

Have a beet haiku to share? Leave it in the comments!

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3 Responses to “Beet Haikus from the Scottsdale Hazon CSA”

  1. Hilla Says:

    These are great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. rachel harkham markowitz Says:

    These Haikus are wonderful- what a delight to read. Beautiful picture as well- Great post. Thanks!

  3. Avigail Says:

    Glad you enjoyed. They really were too good not to share! I wish I were better at haiku, then I’d write my own too. Thanks again to our friends in Scottsdale for such a creative competition.

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