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Ben & Jerry’s now in Israel!

I got this in an email forward which I am quite sure is an e-hoax, but someone corroborate! My eloborations follow.

Ben & Jerry’s has announced that their Ice Cream is now available in Israel. In honor of this historic event they are producing a number of new flavors aimed specifically at the Israeli market:

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream bucketsWailing Walnut - Mens & womens buckets sold separately.

Moishmellow - Let’s embrace those decidedly unmasculine, male Jewish stereotypes over a chick flik with ice cream, boys!

Mazel Toffee - Congratulations!! I always knew you’d marry someone sweet who would make you feel great.

Chazalnut - Some days you feel like a nutty Jew. Some days you don’t.

Oy Ge-malt – Enough malt to make your mother disown you.

Mi Ka-mocha – Really, who is like the mocha, king on high? There really is no comparison.

Soda & Gamorra - Thus saith the Lord to Abraham, “I will spare Sodom and Gamorra if you can eat 10 righteous ice cream cones!” And Abraham said, “What about 50? Will you spare them if I eat 50?”

Bernard Malamint – Eat this one over a good book. (Don’t get it? I didn’t either until I read the bio here.)

Berry Pr’i Hagafen – Thank the Old Man Upstairs for rasp, blue and black berries.

Choc-Eilat Chip – Eilat is the tip of this Israel-cone — perfect if you’ve just finished, say, a 300-mile bike ride?

Simchas T’oreo – Seven times around with the ice cream container! What, we ran out? Announcing Simhat Torah in the frozen isle this year! Y’allah!

…Of course, all flavors come in a Cohen. (Ba-dum-ksssh!)

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6 Responses to “Ben & Jerry’s now in Israel!”

  1. stephanie Says:

    yes it’s true, i was just in israel last week and i couldn’t believe it! i almost bought some, but israel has some way better options (especially if it’s all new to you!)
    how about mashuga-madness?

  2. Leah Koenig Says:

    Ben – you never cease to amaze me. Your annotations are almost funnier than the titles themselves! :) Ben & Jerry’s isn’t doing itself any favors by not offering these new flavors in New York – they’d be the hit of every Shabbat dinner party across the city.

  3. mikhaelmeir Says:

    Ugh. (re: the “jokes”) Also, Ben & Jerry’s has been in Israel at least a decade…(but without those flavors).

  4. Ketzirah Carly Says:

    OMG. I just saw this post. This is amazing. Leah’s right — they really should offer this in areas like NY, DC, and FL!

  5. ZIonista Says:

    I recall Ben & Jerry’s stores in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv back in 1991.

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