Bottled Water Is Like Smoking While Pregnant

Earth Day New York

If you didn’t know, this past week featured World Water Day. A brief internet search can tell you more about this, but the general idea is for people to focus on water consumption and stress the importance of water conservation. Last summer, when I was wwoofing in Israel, water conservation was at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It only rains in the winter there, and farming in the summer meant that water had to be very seriously considered in its allotment. Luckily, farmers utilize gray water and drip irrigation methods to maximize water usage.

However, for those of us who do not live in the Middle East or on a farm, usually we are pretty unconcerned with our water usage. We shower everyday, run dishwashers, run laundry machines, brush our teeth and leave the water running (I never understood this one) and other daily mundane activities that consume our fresh water supply. In NYC, our fresh water is being threatened by drilling for natural gas near the reservoirs upstate, where our tap water comes from. The danger of losing our tap water is one of the most serious issues facing the future of the city.

Yet, as a nation, we also face the dangers of losing our tap water and its high quality because of preference in bottled water and then investment in cleaning up the mess that the bottled water system leaves. To sum up check out this really important video:

The Story of Bottled Water

So please STOP BUYING BOTTLED WATER!!! The tap water is tasty tasty tasty!!!

Buy eco-friendly reuseable bottles made from metal or glass. I love buying sweet tea (I think Arizona) that comes in glass bottles and they become great water bottles after the ice tea runs out!

Now that you have considered this one aspect of the fresh water dialogue, you should see “Blue Gold: World Water Wars”. If you have NetFlix, you can watch it instantly. It is a Food, Inc. style documentary about fresh water, where it comes from, and where it goes…definitely check it out and learn the importance of the next HUGE issue the world faces.

Finally, though DISNEY does a lot of morally questionable things regarding artistic freedom, they are producing this movie, which premiers on Earth Day 2010, April 22. There are a lot of celebrations going on across America. In NYC, there will be a huge event at Grand Central Terminal on April 23 and 24, featuring environmental orgs and musical performances.

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4 Responses to “Bottled Water Is Like Smoking While Pregnant”

  1. Vinny Says:

    There are a lot of places, even here in the USA, where you can’t drink the tap water!

  2. kim Says:

    Hey I fully agree with everything written here, but the judgey pregnancy metaphor is lame.

  3. Uriel Says:

    I wwoofed in israel last year too! which farms were you at? did you happen to visit eden’s herbs?

  4. Yoav Says:

    Yes! I was at that farm. What was her name? She was such an inspiration to me. Do you have her email address?

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