Championship Matchup! Challah vs. Latkes


We are down to the final game over at the Mixed Multitudes Jewish Foods Tourney, and the crowd is going wild! Is it Challah, the fluffy sweet bread that goes well with everything from turkey sandwiches to hummus to French toast? Or is it latkes, fried in oil until they’re golden and enjoyed with sour cream and the gentle sweetness of applesauce? Vote now (polls close Thursday night) and wait with bated breath until the winner is announced on Friday, at which point you can do a chest bump with your rabbi and a victory lap with Joan Nathan.


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2 Responses to “Championship Matchup! Challah vs. Latkes”

  1. Al Hunter Says:

    I voted! But I think I’m going to be on the losing side. I’m a latkes guy but they’re we’re really losing to the breadnauts. . Hey I love challah, but after the first day it’s only good for fantastic french toast, and after that it’s toast (well maybe I can grate it into breadcrumbs, but how many breadcrumbs can you really use.) Latkes are good day after day. Keep the mixed ingredients in the fridge and you’ve got delicious, filling, and ‘healthy’ meals for at least a week.

  2. Eric Says:

    I just know latkes can repeat from last year’s tourney!

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