Contest: The Rosh Hashanah Dinner Challenge


The Jew & The Carrot believes that Rosh Hashanah offers the perfect opportunity to usher health and sustainability into our year (see why here). So why celebrate with the same old greasy kugel served on plastic plates and washed down with Diet Coke?

The Green Rosh Hashanah Dinner Challenge wants YOU to inspire us by creating the greenest, most locally-inspired, and delicious Rosh Hashanah dinner ever. Whether you’re hosting 25 of your closest friends, or bringing a bit of sustainability to your hosts’ house, go ahead and let your green-flag fly. Send us a photo and description of your dinner (or dish), along with your recipes. (Extra credit for impressive food porn!)

More details & enter below the jump.

The Assignment:Get creative as you green your Rosh Hashanah dinner table!

The Requirements:A description of your sustainable ideas, tips and techniques, accompanying photo(s), and the recipes you make. Don’t forget to include information about who you are!

The Details:Email your submissions by October 3, 2008 to editor [@]
First prize winner will receive a copy of Aromas of Aleppoa stunning, hardcover cookbook of Syrian Jewish cuisine by Poopa Dweck.
Second prize winner will receive a copy of The Weekend Baker – a collection of delicious, stress-free baked good recipes.
The top three submissions will be featured (with much fanfare) on The Jew & The Carrot.

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  1. tzvee Says:

    Well bravo to you! Not everyone gets into the Times!!!!

  2. Leah Koenig Says:

    Thanks tzvee :)

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