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Are you passionate about food and writing?

The Jew & The Carrot: Hazon’s* blog on Jews, food, and contemporary life is seeking talented volunteer writers to contribute to our award-winning blog.

Launched in 2006, The Jew & The Carrot is the epicenter of Jews, food, and sustainability on the web. It brings together 3,000 years of Jewish thought and food tradition with contemporary issues like sustainability, organic eating, nutrition, food politics, and healthy, delicious cooking.

The Jew & The Carrot was named “Best New Blog” and “Best Kosher Food/Recipe Blog” in the 2007 Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards and has received press mentions in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Jerusalem Report, among others.

As a volunteer contributor to The Jew & The Carrot, you will have access to a community of 12,000 dedicated foodies per month (and growing!) – foodies who care about Jewish life, innovative food ideas and ethical food. Make your mark on the emerging New Jewish Food Movement by joining this amazing online community!

Specifics & Qualifications

The Jew & The Carrot is looking for volunteer contributors who are passionate about food, sustainability, and Jewish community. Some of our contributors are professionals in the food and Jewish fields; others are people with passion and curiosity! All are dedicated to great writing, interesting ideas, and sharing their opinions about the world around them with readers.

The Jew & The Carrot contributors must:

- Have previous writing experience.
- Be able to commit to two posts (or more) per month.
- Be excited to foster conversation and community online by diligently and respectfully responding to reader comments.

How to Apply
Please send the following information to editor at jcarrot dot org:

1. A short cover letter detailing any writing experience and/or your background with the food and Jewish life. Please include your contact information (email, phone, and address), and which of the topics below you’d be most interested in covering.
2. One writing sample (a URL to another blog post is fine)
3. Three story ideas you would write for The Jew & The Carrot

Please allow up to two weeks for a response.
The Jew & The Carrot seeks contributors to cover the following topics:Food News & Culture: Report on the latest news, politics, trends, quirks and products in the food world. (e.g. ethical meat, the Farm Bill, kosher industry watch, new Jewish food products, GMOs, etc.)

The Jew in The Kitchen: Take readers inside your kitchen, share recipes and cooking ideas with a contemporary, fresh twist. Contribute to the “Unboxed” column, which digs up the secrets on a vegetable every week and provides readers with practical information about how to store, prepare, and enjoy the freshest veggies of the season.

Green Growing: Report on the world of sustainable agriculture, farming, and home gardening. Provide readers with useful tips for their own farming and gardening ventures, and inspiring stories from around the world. Contribute to The Jew & The Carrot’s Farmer Profile column by interviewing Jewish farmers and growers for the blog.

Food Love: Do you love to wine and dine your loved ones? Think great meals are the way to a partner’s heart? Uncover stories of food, dating, romance, and heartbreak – or start your own column of food & dating advice!

The Family Plate: Are you a parent who struggles to provide your family healthy, sustainable food that your kids will actually want to eat? Are you making decisions as a family about keeping kosher, going local, feeding your vegetarian kids, or accommodating a family member who has food allergy? Write about your experiences for The Jew & The Carrot’s new The Family Plate column.

Health and Body Image: Report on the topics of health, body image, and the latest nutrition trends.

Israel Food Watch: Keep readers up-to-date with latest food news in Israel! Write about the shmitah year, kibbutzim, the emerging CSA/organics movement, and other new food trends and products that relate to the land of milk and honey.

Food & Text:
Uncover the agricultural and food-related ties in the Torah, Talmud, and other Jewish texts. Contribute to The Jew & The Carrot’s regular exploration of the food themes in the weekly parsha (Torah portion).

Cookbook Reviews: Contribute to The Jew & The Carrot’s “Read it & Eat” Column, reviewing and sharing news about the best new and classic cookbooks on the market and in our kitchens.

Wine and Spirits: Report on the newest and best in kosher, sustainable, and biodynamic wine and spirits and wine-related news (think a Jewish version of Eric Asimov’s The Pour column in the New York Times)

*The Jew & The Carrot is a project of Hazon – a non-profit based in New York City with a mission to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community as a step towards a healthier and more sustainable world for all.

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