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Today’s JTA published “On the Green Scene: Magazines, Chickens, and one Sinful Goat” – with a shoutout to Hazon’s Food Conference.

Meanwhile, also at the JTA: a Jewish Businessman in Russia is giving Starbucks a run for its money (while Starbucks threatens to sue)

brownies1.jpgChow reports that Jerry Seinfeld’s wife’s new book: Deceptively Delicious shares her tricks for getting veggie-hating kids to eat more green.  (Great idea, but will they really fall for spinach puree in the brownies?)

In the aptly titled, “O My God,” Ethicurean offers another example of the organic movement being taken over by big business: organic bottled water.  (wtf?!)

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3 Responses to “Digest This”

  1. Jeffrey Yoskowitz Says:

    I see no difference between organic bottled water and the kosher water unveiled at Kosherfest 2006 by the brand Mizmor. “I thirst for thee,” was their tag line. I feel very much as if the values I proport to hold are just being exploited by big industry (and yes, I am well aware that is is actually the case and has been for years and years).

    I think things are getting too out of hand and I’m upset. Now I’m in Israel where the word “Tivee,” which means natural, is put on every other processed food. I’ve been watching my cousins buy “natural” products thinking that they were eating well and I had to point out to them that the very same chemical sweetener in diet coke was in their natural mint beverage.

  2. Leah Koenig Says:

    Good point. This reminds me of Michael Pollan’s “supermarket pastoral” idea – the food companies know what sells products (promises of local, organic, natural), and they exploit it to the point where, for the most part, you can’t really trust packaging anymore.

  3. Leah Koenig Says:

    …if you ever could, that is.

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