Do Brits Do It Better?


When it comes to “sustainable eating,” I’m starting to worry that perhaps the Brits take the (organic carrot) cake.

Maybe my sources are skewed from having a Manchester-bred boss who sends all-staff emails everytime the British foodies do something interesting.  (e.g. when England’s Walmart-equivalent, Tesco, commits to making their products’ ”food miles” transparent, or long-time organic farming supporter, Prince Charles makes a cookie.)

As if the Prince of England wasn’t enough proof of England’s foodie superiority, now I find out that Jamie Oliver – the British hearthrob and “Naked Chef” -has a new book and TV show called Jamie at Home that features food grown in his backyard and cooked in his kitchen.  Jamie says:

“It’s a really laid back show and each episode focuses on a particular theme – it could be a look at all the different varieties of tomatoes, what you can do with lovely home-grown potatoes, or how to cook different cuts of lamb – but I’ll also be looking at how easy it is to grow your own produce; sometimes in weird and wonderful ways.”

Not surprisingly, the TV show is not available on The Food Network here in America (though Canadian Food Network viewers can watch The Naked Chef prepare homegrown bubble and squeak.)  Even the book seems to be exclusively available in the UK.

dave.jpgSo, do Brits really do it better?  Stateside, our own yid celebrity chef, Dave Lieberman has a show out too.  “In Search of Real Food,” is a viewer-generated, star-powered online TV show that seeks out iconic American foods across the country.  Sounds good right?  Yeah, except that the show is sponsored by Hellman’s Best – a company whose products fall pretty squarely into Michael Pollan’s “nonfood” category.  No surprise, a distressingly disproportionate number of the recipes featured on the show just happen to contain mayonaise.  Sigh…

Check out this great article in The New York Times The Telegraph about Jamie’s “At Home” revolution. 

(Thanks to Nancy Cavillones for the hat tip on The Jew & The Carrot’s Facebook page.)

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5 Responses to “Do Brits Do It Better?”

  1. Avi Says:

    Jamie at Home is coming to Food Network. They’ve been heavily promoting it the past few weeks. Jamie Oliver is even appearing on Iron Chef America(probably to help promote the show). See the following for more details:,00.html

  2. RainaB Says:

    Small correction – Jamie at Home is airing on The Food Network in America. I believe it starts on January 6th, with an episode on peppers and chilies. I’m really looking forward to it (and, as an apartment dweller, hoping for an episode on container gardening).

  3. Leah Koenig Says:

    Oh, that’s heartening news! I was starting to get the feeling that The Food Network in America had completely sold out. Thanks Avi and RainaB :)

  4. RainaB Says:

    You’re welcome, Leah. I don’t know if Jamie Oliver is enough to save The Food Network from the likes of Sandra Lee, but I wish him the best of luck. :)

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