‘Framing the Environment Through a Jewish Lens’ – May 23rd in Malibu, CA

Bill Kaplan, Executive Director of the Shalom Institute and Lisa Friedman, President of the Lisa & Maury Friedman Foundation shared the following information with us about the upcoming event they’re hosting in California later this month. Read on for more details!

As a Jewish community we have the capacity and potential to create our own unique and genuine response to integrating environmental education into our family life. That’s why we are so excited to present this first-ever Los Angeles Jewish environmental seminar – ‘Framing the Environment Through a Jewish Lens’. Join us on Sunday, May 23rd, 1:30-6pm at the Shalom Institute in the beautiful Malibu Mountains.

If you are a Jewish educator, part of a synagogue Green Team, communal professional, youth professional or lay leader, we’ve created the chance for you to meet and learn from thought leaders and organizations, gathering information on green certification of facilities, farming and gardening materials, curriculum resources and much more.

Seminar admission is $18.00. At 12:30pm an optional complimentary community lunch hosted by the Lisa & Maury Friedman Foundation will give you a chance to network with each other and seminar presenters.

The keynote speech, “Am I My Planet’s Keeper? Empowering Communities with Jewish Wisdom on the Environment”, will be presented by Evonne Marzouk, founder/executive director of Canfei Nesharim, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the importance of environmental protection education from the perspective of Torah and Jewish law.

Following the presentation, you can choose from two tracks: the Religious School and Day School Educator Track, led by Evonne Marzouk, Elana Havusha, Shalom Institute’s garden director, and other community environmental educators or the Green Team and Community Track led by Bill Kaplan, executive director of the Shalom Institute and Lisa Friedman, president of the Lisa & Maury Friedman Foundation. Either way you’ll experience the Marla Bennett Israel Discovery Center and Garden as well as the Institute’s organic farming center.

Ample time has been set aside for everyone to collect a variety of environmental education curriculum and teaching and organizational materials which you can use in your community. You’ll get an overview of Jewish communal learning approaches — from Torah text to the basics of greening our Jewish indoor and outdoor facilities and educating our families – surrounded by the very nature we are all committed to protecting.

The Shalom Institute Camp and Conference Center is located at 34342 Mulholland Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265. For more information call 818-889-5500 or visit the Shalom Institute website. To register, click here.

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