Gaining Ground Farm

Last month, at Boston’s eclectic Lizard Lounge, between sets of one of my new favorite bands, Session Americana, I chatted with the delightful and hard-working Verena Wieloch, farm coordinator of the 17 acre, non-profit, community based, and organic Gaining Ground Farm, at Thoreau‘s birthplace in Concord, MA.

The property has been under cultivation for more than 300 years, but since 1994 has been run as a mostly volunteer (Last year, volunteers contributed a record 4,200 hours of their time to work and learn in Gaining Ground’s gardens.), all organic operation, which donates all of its produce to area food pantries and meal programs, all within 20 miles of the farm, and all within 24 hours of harvest!

They run a great reading program for area kids called ‘Read For Seeds‘, in which classes learn about organic farming, hunger relief, and community service, while reading for pledges which buy the seeds, which become the thousands of pounds of fresh organic produce which is given away each year to folks in need. The Gaining Ground website, filled with photos, gardening wisdom, and farm info, is concise and compelling. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer and contribute to this very community-centered project.

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