If Debbie Friedman Was A Dessert, What Would She Be?

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Came across this awesome article about a Swiss choclatier named Blaise Poyet who has created a new chocolate inspired by John Calvin to honor Calvin’s 500th birthday:

He acknowledges the difficulty of representing theological ideas in taste, “But the key thing for Calvin is the glory of God, his excellence, his perfection. So we chose a chocolate that we chocolatiers find rare and flawless…” The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches actually approached Poyet: one must hope they are satisfied:

“The first layer is based on a classic smooth and runny praline mix but we have “reformed” it by using crunchy caramelised hazelnuts, and salt from the Swiss Alps to make the praline slightly savoury.
The second layer uses a “chocolate Grand Cru from Bolivia”, made from 68 percent cocoa paste, to represent Calvin’s theology of the glory and perfection of God….”

Calvin’s hellfire beliefs are not, alas, represented by burnt bits, but “we have used a caramel made from Swiss cream that that slightly softens the chocolate to represent in a discreet way this love for one’s neighbour” Finally, a taste of lemon verbena, a perennial, represents Calvin’s ability to sow, to plant and to make things grow.

How completely awesome. It got us thinking at the MJL offices about how we’d represent various Jewish leaders in dessert format. Here’s what we’ve got so far:
Theodore HerzlLemon Meringue Pie
Because meringue seems to defy logic and gravity to become a sweet and wonderful thing. Also, you have to labor long and hard over it.

Madeleine AlbrightCrème Bruleelemon_meringue.jpg
Because she’s got a tough and fiery crust covering up a sweet and soft inside. Also, old world European charm.

Moshe KatsavBlack Bottom Cupcakes
Because he probably called some girl in his office ‘Black Bottom Cupcake’

Dr. Ruth WestheimerRugelach
Because it’s kind of phallic, sweet, and old school. Also, can be gooey.

Amshinover RebbeChocolate Cake From the Slow Cooker
Because it takes him eight hours to do Shacharit, so dessert should take at least as long.

Neshama Carlebachpareve brownies
Because when listening to her you really notice the use of substitutions.

MaimonidesBanoffee Cheesecake
Because it contains so many nice things, sounds great and tastes amazing, but quite hard to fathom and not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.

RashiDigestive Biscuit
Because he makes everything more palatable. Also, ubiquitous.

Anybody want to take a stab at Rav Moshe Feinstein, the Baal Shem Tov, or Debbie Friedman?

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3 Responses to “If Debbie Friedman Was A Dessert, What Would She Be?”

  1. Rabbi Shmuel Says:

    Firstly, if it’s Dr Ruth it should certainly be Rav Moshe – he earned it – trust me

    as far as the Baal Shem Tov, he should be baklava – a sweet, nurturing essence groaning under the weight of flakes and nuts!

  2. Stephen Kissane Says:

    Sorry to post this in your food blog. You are difficult to contact. Regarding your Blog about Ireland. I would recommend that you look at the “Kissane” group in facebook. The Irish Kissane family fled Spain in 1492 (for obvious reasons)and maintained contacts between Spain, Syria and Ireland for 500 years. The culture has never been lost but is never counted in the 1700 + people you mention in your blog. I would be happy to provide details or look at my facebook site notes.

  3. Hannah Lee Says:

    Must have missed this one the first time around, Tamar! Ha ha, Rabbi Shmuel, I like your choice of desserts for the Baal Shem Tov. As for Debbie Friedman, how about carrot cake, because it’s sweet and wholesome?

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