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Interfaith Hillel Sandwich

If Peeps were made with kosher marshmallows, could this become an acceptable alternative to the traditional Hillel sandwich? You decide! Chag sameach.



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5 Responses to “Interfaith Hillel Sandwich”

  1. Emily Says:

    I kind of hate peeps but I’m happy when Passover is over so I can legally enjoy my matzah with PBJ!!

  2. Doria Says:

    I don’t like peeps either, but they are so pretty!! Since, in this case, they replace the charoset, which is meant to symbolize mortar used to stick bricks together, and peeps are very sticky, I think a case could be made!!! If only they were made with kosher marshmallows! Maybe you should send this to Manishevitz, and they could make kosher “peepish” frogs or something. Fun!

  3. Liz Says:

    Doria, you’re getting all Talmudic scholar on me, I gotta say. But it’s a good point. Thanks!

  4. David (ElderBear) Says:

    Would you believe I didn’t know what “peeps” were when I first read your message! Now that I’ve seen the photos and read the other comments, I’m still not willing to abandon tradition. For me, charoset and maror taste GOOD together but peeps and maror???? I vote for YUCK.

  5. beth Says:

    Um, Doria — have you tried kosher marshmallows? They’re different in texture and I’m not sure a good Peep could be made using them.

    An admission: I actually like Peeps. (Yeah, I know. They’re gross and bad for you.) Once a year I have a package just before Pesach. One package — and a good long bike ride — is enough to get them out of my system until next year.

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