Kosher Organic Dining 101

Local food is on the “back to school” shopping list for many colleges and universities across the country. Yale, Brown, Middlebury, and University of California Davis are just a handful of the institutions of higher education that have started sourcing some dining hall fare from regional farmers and even supplementing their menus with produce from student-run organic farms.

But Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA has moved one step beyond the sustainable food trend. Starting this fall, F&M will partner with food services behemoth Sodexho to offer kosher, organic food to all students on their meal plan. According to a press release from the school’s Office of College Communications:

“The program, featuring a Kosher, international, vegan/vegetarian, organic (KIVO) menu, will be offered to the entire College community in the Benjamin Franklin Dining Hall…In addition, the KIVO plan will be Star Kosher certified – all products that are served will meet Kosher dietary law, and the program will be subject to strict rabbinical supervision and employ a full-time, on-site manager that is trained and certified in Kosher dietary practices.”

F&M enrolls just shy of 2,000 students, and despite offering a major in Judaic Studies and a campus Hillel, does not have a large Jewish population. In contrast, the local food options at schools like Brown and Yale, where the Jewish student body is significant, are mostly confined to non kosher dining halls. F&M’s Dean of Students, Ralph Taber boasts, “All students will now have access to even healthier food choices, and our current Jewish and Muslim students will be able to meet their religious dietary needs as part of the College’s board plan. Very few other colleges in the country can offer this option.”

Kosher and organic dining? When it comes to dining, F&M is head of the class.

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