Kosher-Style County Fair, Kosher-Style Kitch

Tomorrow night is the county fair. The Kosher-style County Fair. It’s the latest event from the folks at the 14th St. Y and Heeb magazine, who’s aim, I think, is to be simultaneously outrageous, and Jewish, and Jewishly outrageous, so that you couldn’t possibly ignore them. I am…skeptical.

Earlier this fall, my good friend Noam competed in the a similar event, the 14th St. Y’s “Mr. & Ms. Jew-S-A” competition, and won. His magen david-shaped tofu (baked, then fried) and his superior Jewish charm earned him the crown. And so, as reigning champion of Jewish kitch (where you are compelled to ask, ‘is this for REAL?’), Noam will be judging the Kugel Bake-Off at the Kosher-style County Fair on Wednesday, November 29. And he’ll also be co-starring in a production by me, Leah Koenig and him: “Eggplant’s Adventures on VDate.”

VDate – Where it happens. For vegetables.

Eggplant is lonely and unlucky in love. She worries she’ll die an old babaganoush, wrinkled on the compost heap. Her friend cauliflower suggests she try VDate.

“Ew! I thought everyone on VDate lies about their nutritional content and price-per-pound,” says Eggplant.

“That may be,” says Cauliflower. “But this is where my cousin Fava met his pole bean…it could work for you. And plus, it’s kosher!”

Yes folks, this is for real. I’ll be performing tomorrow night, and we’ll do a retake at Hazon’s food conference if all goes well. It’s kind of outrageous, it seems almost that there is SO much Jewish culture in New York that it’s sort of overflowed its bounds, it keeps getting more and more ridiculous just to keep our attention.

But it IS interesting that the event is about food, and Jewish food. There will be sushi-eating off of (semi) naked bodies, a kosher hot dog eating contest, dill pickles, and the aforementioned Kugel Bake-Off (judged by Noam “Mr. Jew-S-A” – who doesn’t even like kugel, don’t tell!). The event will feature Heeb’s latest food issue, which declares itself to be definitely not about sustainability, or vegetables, or factory farms, or health—pure kitch, that’s all—and I presume that this event is similar. Still, food is what’s on our minds these days, and if we have to do something totally ridiculous to make a point, I guess we will.

So will Eggplant end up with PesticideFreeENYCE or YukonGoldstein?? Stay tuned…

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