Make Your Own (Big Tent) BLT From Scratch Contest!

image by SauceSupreme

Food writer Michael Ruhlman has issued a very intriguing summertime challenge: make a BLT from scratch. No, really from scratch. This means curing your own “bacon,” (more on the airquotes in a minute), baking your own bread, growing your own lettuce and tomato, and making your own homemade mayo!

The level of commitment and self-sufficiency required to produce a single sandwich would be compelling enough, but Michael takes it one step further by opening the contest up to foodies of every stripe. To quote from the writer’s own rules:

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free interpretations are welcome! If there are enough, they may warrant their own category.

Submissions will be accepted through Friday, August 28th.  Winners will be announced on Labor Day Weekend. Do you have a green thumb, a baker’s touch, a butcher block and a lot of patience? Then surf on over to Michael’s website and enter today!

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2 Responses to “Make Your Own (Big Tent) BLT From Scratch Contest!”

  1. Mindy Shapiro Says:

    I love this idea but lettuce is ready now and tomatoes ripen in a few months when it is too hot for lettuce so how do you suggest we do this?

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