Matzah Diorama Contest! Win a JDub Records Afikomen Prize Pack!

JDubs Schweet Afikomen Prize Pack

As a kid you probably searched for the Afikomen.  Maybe you won.  Maybe you always got beat by your older sister.  (Why did she always win?)  So now, many bar and bat-mitzvahs later, you get a chance for redemption. The Jewish kind.

Remember our Matzah Diorama Contest?  If not, no worries here’s a recap:

Send us at least three pictures of your stellar matzah creation to by Wednesday, April 22.  In your email please include the title of your work, a description of the scene and tell us the materials you used in your art.  And don’t forget to include information about who you are!  We will publish the photos on the blog and prizes will be awarded will be awarded for the best pieces.

So what can you win after you get done playing with your food?  So glad you asked!  The best (as determined by our judges) Matzah Diorama will win a JDub Records Afikomen Prize Pack!  What’s inside?  Find out after the jump.

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Includes SoCalled Seder CD + SoCalled – Ghettoblaster CD + Golem – Citizen Boris CD

The SoCalled Seder:
A mini hip hop symphony filled with old Jewish samples centered around the theme of the Passover Seder, shmear it with a little love and create what some have hailed as “one of the greatest works of Jewish music in years.” Produced, Rapped and Orchestrated by Yiddophile and mad beat scientist, Josh Dolgin aka SoCalled.

SoCalled – Ghettoblaster:
Acclaimed Canadian beat maker and renaissance man Socalled is back with his next installment in the reinvention of Jewish music through hip-hop. The album spans multiple genres, from rock to funk, Jewish and Jazz, all the while returning to and grounded by SoCalled’s collage-like hip hop beats.  Ghettoblaster, the eclectic album features a vast palette of musical influences, with guest appearances by underground MC C-Rayz Walz, James Brown’s trombonist Fred Wesley, hot shot producer Gonzales and many more.

Golem – Citizen Boris:
This 6 piece “Gypsy Punk Gem” (SPIN) is renowned for electrifying dance floors with their globetrotting goulash of Jewish, Slavic, and Gypsy songs. Citizen Boris takes the band a step further into the present with original songs in English, punctuated by the edgy re-creation of traditional folk music that Golem has come to be known for. Mixing old world and new without compromising either, the album is a startling portrait of an ideal world where there is no need only to ghettoize or assimilate.

Want to learn more about JDub and their great artists?  Check out their blog

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2 Responses to “Matzah Diorama Contest! Win a JDub Records Afikomen Prize Pack!”

  1. Rabbi Mark Hurvitz Says:

    Not that I wouldn’t like some of that music (free), but, I’m not thrilled with this idea.

    A. I don’t play with my food.

    B. Even if it is “the bread poor people eat” there are many poor people who would be glad (well, let’s not go so far as to write “glad”, but perhaps hungry) to have a bite of matzah.

    C. Is this “sustainable”? Does Hazon really want to encourage this?

    `//rite On!
    ,\\ark Hurvitz

  2. Says:

    This site was exactly what I was looking for. Gratitude for putting together this info. I love it when Google searches send me exactly what I am looking for. Continue the good blog posts.

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