Michael Pollan on the 2007 Farm Bill

Demanding a law that favors eaters over agribusiness, Michael Pollan sounds the tom toms on the next five years of food policy in the US and around the world. Call your senators before your children catch obesity.

In great and growing numbers, people are voting with their forks for a different sort of food system. But as powerful as the food consumer is — it was that consumer, after all, who built a $15 billion organic-food industry and more than doubled the number of farmer’s markets in the last few years — voting with our forks can advance reform only so far. It can’t, for example, change the fact that the system is rigged to make the most unhealthful calories in the marketplace the only ones the poor can afford. To change that, people will have to vote with their votes as well — which is to say, they will have to wade into the muddy political waters of agricultural policy.


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