My Favorite Jewish Pastry.

Every Purim, my family makes a lot of hamantashen. A few years ago, my mother started a homeschoolers’ baking group, and for the past couple of years, we have enlisted their help. We have two flavors that we make every year. One is poppyseed. The other is cherry. Each year, we also experiment with a variety of other fillings. For example, one year we did fig, another we did pumpkin. We’ve also done strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb, apple, and blueberry. My personal favorites are the poppyseed and apple. We are trying to think of a new flavor for this year. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Leah Koenig Says:

    Hey Adin – It’s really great to have your voice on this blog. My two suggestions: raspberry (made with really good raspbery jam, not that fake too-sweet stuff) or orange-marmalade. I just bought some orange preserves made with Italian blood oranges. It’s amazing and would probably make a tasty alternative to an apricot hametashen.

  2. Anna Stevenson Says:

    PUMPKIN hamentaschen? yes please! i actually have a pumpkin left over from halloween that i never got around to making soup out of….it might have just found its destiny this weekend!
    i’m with you on the poppyseed and cherry tho. perennial favorites. and chocolate chips are always delightful – maybe even nuttella?
    welcome to the blog!

  3. Aliza Wasserman Says:

    The best Hamantaschen I’ve ever had were in Cuba- guava hamantaschen, to be made with guava jelly. Though I’ve never made them myself, I especially like them because they give a little taste of tropical warmth to get us through the winter.

  4. Mark Hurvitz Says:

    Oh, really… the only true Hamentaschen are made with poppy seeds.

    All the rest are simply pocket pastries with a variety of fillings.

    `//rite on!
    ,\\ark Hurvitz

  5. Leah Koenig Says:

    Ok – we’ve done it! Last night Anna and I made the ultimate hamentashen.

    We used this recipe for the dough (very good) –

    dried pears, chopped finely
    slivered almonds, chopped finely
    crystallized ginger, chopped finely
    lemon juice (we used 1 lemon per 3 dried pear halves)
    sugar (not too much – maybe 1-2 tablespoons?)
    a little water

    All ingredients combined and boiled down into a thick jam.

  6. Adin Says:

    Our new flavor this year ended up being homemade mango-kiwi jam, because I found a ripe mango and a ripe kiwi.

  7. Jayne Cohen Says:

    Mango-kiwi must have been luscious! For Purim 2008, I invite all hamantaschen lovers to enter my contest for best filling–details at I’ll send the winner a copy of my new book, Jewish Holiday Cooking: A Food Lover’s Classics and Improvisations. Hope you can join–Jayne

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