Nine Faiths, One Vegan Lunch at Windsor Castle

The following article was written by Leah Koenig and published in the Jewish Daily Forward earlier this week.  Be sure to click on the link below to check out the comments.

photo by Simon and Vicki

On Tuesday November 3, His Royal Highness Prince Philip will host over 200 guests for lunch at Windsor Castle, the 900-year-old palace that serves as an official residence of his and Queen Elizabeth’s. But this lunch will be noticeably different from the roasted quail and crème fraîche typical of castle meals. Instead, the menu is entirely vegan and centered on seasonal, regionally sourced ingredients.

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2 Responses to “Nine Faiths, One Vegan Lunch at Windsor Castle”

  1. Hannah Lee Says:

    In reading the full article, I learned that Rabbi Yedidya Sinclair, who founded the Jewish Climate Change Campaign in Israel, would not be eating the vegan dinner at this conference. Nor would he agree to having kosher food brought in, because he’d “be eating food that was triple-wrapped in plastic with disposable cutlery at an environmental conference,” opting instead for fruit, salad and granola bars. I asked my rabbi this morning after Shabbat services today about this and he said that he would not value environmentalism over Judaism, and he would also not wish to insult the hosts (who were trying to make everyone comfortable), so he would, if he were invited to this lofty gathering, choose to have kosher food brought in.

  2. Julie Steinberg Says:

    Hannah, I am so glad you posted your comment because I was also taken aback by the decision not to partake. I think your Rabbi has the right idea.

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