Purim round up!


It’s that time again. With Purim around the corner, many people have been thinking about Hamentashen. I had some friends over last night to make tasty triangular treats. Our savory ‘tashen were inspired by this blog and Leah Koenig (see the archived post here) though mine were rosemary dough with sweet-potato goat cheese filling. My brother made home-made poppyseed filling like I did last year (see that archived post here).

Our friend Nancy Wolfson-Moche also sent along this link to her blog for her “pouch pastry recipe.” Thanks, Nancy, for sharing this photo of your delish hamentashen.

Check out this old post about seeds  from Nina, Mati’s mixed drink recipes, and be sure to check out Hazon’s Sustainable Purim Tips.

For those of you fasting today, have an easy fast – and Happy Purim!

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One Response to “Purim round up!”

  1. Tamar Says:

    “rosemary dough with sweet-potato goat cheese filling”

    Holy Haman’s ears that sounds phenomenal! I’m really bummed I couldn’t make it. This year I made chocolate dough with white chocolate, dried cherries, and pecan filling. I also made my classic dough, and filled them with pumpkin butter.

    Also, where do you find poppyseed filling in the city, pray tell? Or did you make your own?

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