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Family Farm Vacations


It all started with a simple question. A parent at Beit Rabban Day School in New York asked Hazon friend, Martin Kaminer, if he knew any opportunities for family day trips or vacations that involved agricultural education and working/living on a farm. Martin sent an email out to friends to gather information about experiences and opportunities for city folks to spend a few nights (or more) working, learning, and doing, in an agricultural setting. The list he came up with is too good not to share – some of the opportunites even combine Jewish learning with farm education. (swoon!)

Please send other ideas for family farm vacations (especially those based in the midwest, south, and west) – to tips at jcarrot dot org.

Blue Heron Farm, Massachusetts
Blue Heron Farm is a 140-acre working diversified farm, 2 hours west of Boston, MA. Families and other visitors are welcome year round and encouraged to help with seasonal farm activities including feeding their baby goats, and picking blueberries.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary, New York
This working farm is a haven for rescued farm animals and horse. The Animal Sanctuary offers volunteer and intership opportunities for all ages.

The Fellowship Community, New York
Founded in 1966, the Fellowship is a community of all ages centered around the care of the elderly. The Fellowship Community is set in a rural setting of farm, woods, and orchards. Volunteers (adults, kids, and families) are welcome at The Fellowship Community and engage in a variety of areas including: garden and field, metal and woodshop, medical practice, and candleshop.

The Food Project, Massachusetts
The Food Project creates fertile ground for new ideas about youth and adults partnering to create social change through sustainable agriculture. They offer opportunities for kids from diverse backgrounds to work on a farm in Lincoln, MA.

Garden of Eve Farm, New York
The Garden of Eve Farm (an organic family farm in Long Island, and a Tuv Ha’Aretz partner farm!) offers overnight farm vacations for families. They also welcome volunteers, year round.

Hull-O Family Farm Vacations, New York
This farm in upstate New York offers agri-vacations, where families have the opportunity to visit and be involved in the daily workings of a family farm.

Martin Buber Youth Kibbutz, Maryland
The Youth Kibbutz is a Jewish agricultural education program for teens (13-17) which combines farming, Jewish learning, cooking, singing, and communal living. Sessions are a week long during the summer and run out of The Sanctuary in Bealsville, MD.

Pennsylvania Farm Vacation Association, Pennsylvania
Leave the stress of the city behind and escape to the peace and quiet of the country. Awake to the crow of the rooster and a homemade breakfast like grandma used to make. The Pennsylvania Farm Vacation Association Inc. member farms offer a variety of locations, rates and accommodations.

Roxbury Farm, New York
Roxbury is a community supported farm, one of the largest in the country, and the first to have a CSA community in New York City. They host workdays throughout the season for adults, families, and kids where people can enjoy the farm, get their hands dirty, and visit the on-site hiking trails and u-pick gardens.

Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, New York
Stone Barns is an 80-acre garden, farm, restaurant, and education center 30 miles north of midtown Manhattan. The Center is open to the public Wednesday-Sunday and frequently hosts special farm-related events (sheep shearing, harvest festivals, etc.)

Teva Learning Center, Connecticut and New York
Teva is a Jewish environmental education institute that offers year-round environmental programming for kids of all ages.

WWOOF, nationwide and international
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms helps place people in work-stays (from 3 days to 3 months!) on organic farms around the world and in America.

Thanks to the following people for their input into this list:
Martin Kaminer (special thanks for compiling all the info)
Evonne Marzouk
Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Steve Meltzer
Yael Resnick
Debbie Sheintoch
Jeff Spitzer
Kathy Stevens
Sarit Tinari

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