Angelo Marino went to the convention on October 7. Also on this trip, he ended up purchasing cheese from the Long Grove Cheese Factory in Platteville. William Covelli of the Kenosha Vending Company. When asked by Assistant Attorney General LeRoy Dalton if they had refused to testify, they each said yes and were granted immunity by Judge Harry Carlson. The probe was to cover both gambling and the murder of Anthony Biernat. Rizzo testified before Kenosha County Judge Harry V. Alcohol use among teens increases dramatically during the high-school years and leads to serious consequences for many teens. Each year in the United States, alcohol-related automobile accidents are a major cause of teen deaths. Alcohol is also often a cause in other teenage deaths, including drownings, suicides and homicides. A few scattered items date back to 1918 and forward to 1953, but otherwise the papers fall into the year 1922 through 1945. The collection is relatively small (four and a half standard manuscript boxes) but--like Anderson herself--it is solid and businesslike. The correspondence which makes up the bulk of the collection is evidently the personal buy tramadol portion of her office files: incoming letters, plus occasional other papers, and carbon copies of her outgoing letters..
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Kosher Sustainable Chocolate List


CHOCOLATE. Need we say more? Actually yes – because a run-of-the mill bar of Hershey’s pales in comparison to the sweet cocoa ambrosia listed below. All of the chocolate snacks included on the list are kosher-cerfitied and some combination of organic, fair trade, cane-sugar sweetened, and vegan. So go ahead and get your fix.

Chocolove - Made in Colorado, these chocolate bars are organic, kosher (Scroll K, Denver), and come in a variety of different flavors from ginger to orange peel, to toffee and almonds. They are also some of the most beautifully wrapped chocolate bars we’ve ever seen. And to top it all off, the folks at Chocolove include in a bonafide love poem inside each wrapper. Better than a golden ticket. Find your Chocolove here.

Dagoba – The Jew & The Carrot’s favorite! Dagoba chocolates are made by an Oregon-based company with organic, certified fair-trade and KSA kosher, and the bars come either plain (milk or dark chocolate) or infused with bits of dried cherry, hazelnut, spices – the Chai is especially delicious – coffee, hot chili, or mint. Dagoba also makes amazing hot chocolate mix. Stock up on all your Dagoba needs here.

Equal Exchange – This Massachussetts-based fair trade organization doesn’t just sell coffee anymore. Their chocolate bars and hot chocolate are made with organic ingredients and are certified by the Kashrut Council of Canada. They also happen to be delicious – their dark chocolate bar with almonds is particularly delicious. Find it here.

Lake Champlain – This Vermont-based company makes both convential and organic chocolates, all of which are certified kosher. Their chocolate bars come in several flavors (like caramel, fruit and nut, and peanut) and are shaped like little nuggets, which makes biting in feel all the more decadent. Buy it here.

Late July Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies – The cocoa flavor in these cookies stands up to any bar of chocolate – and there’s even more chocolaty-goodness (in creme form) inside!  These cookies are certified by the OU and are also organic.  Buy them here.

Seeds of Change - These chocolate bars look and taste like treasure from a far-off country. Their Santa Caterina bar is filled with exotic bites of mango, toasted coconut, and cashews and, like all their chocolate bars, is certified kosher and made with organic ingredients. Get a taste here.

Sunspire - These chocolate bars (and baking chips and candies) have it all. They are certified organic and kosher (OU), come in a variety of yummy flavors like raspberry, peanut, and peppermint pattie, are sweetened with natural cane juice and organic sugars, offer vegan-friendly options (and are kissed by the California sunshine). Stock up on their baking chips (here) and enjoy delicious cookies whenever you want.

Terra Nostra - These chocolate bars are organic, certified kosher and sinfully rich. Terra Nostra is also founding member of Equitable Trade, which gives farmers fair trade benefits with organic chocolate production, and offers several vegan bars. Terra Nostra will soon introduce a line of truffles to go with their bars, specializing in pomegranate and ancho chili flavors. Get yours here.

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