Top 10 CSA Must Haves

veggies2.jpgThe wonderful Tuv Ha’Aretz Community-Supported Agriculture group at the JCC Houston came up with this Top-10 list of must have kitchen items in order to maximize the produce from your CSA share.

Turns out, the list is pretty handy for any Jewish food enthusiast (or even the occasional “reluctant” foodie).

Top 10 CSA (& Jewish Food) Must Haves

1. Evert-Fresh Green Bags – The best bags for storing fruits and vegetables. Possibly ever?

2. Slow Cooker – Slow cook your veggies into a delicious Shabbat dinner (or lunch!)

3. Salad Spinner – A handy salad spinner makes your weekly influx of lettuce and leafy greens a snap to clean – or at least a lot easier.

4. Freezer Bags – Freeze those fresh, local corn kernels to enjoy all winter long.

5. Food Processor- Pesto, butternut squash puree, homemade soup…mmmmm

6. A Food Steamer – Steam your raw veggies into a delicious dinner in no time.

7. An (Immersion) Hand Blender – The best thing to happen to soups since the spoon.

8. An Ice Cube Tray – For freezing that pesto (or tomato sauce, butternut squash puree…) into easy-to-store-and-reheat cubes.

9. Space to put everything (yes, this can even be done in the city!)

10. A Large Stock Pot – For soups, sauces, boiling pasta…you can never have enough big pots around.

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