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buspar The Jew and the Carrot » Blog Archive » “A Jew’s Natural Weight is 400 Pounds.” - Voice of the New Jewish Food Movement

“A Jew’s Natural Weight is 400 Pounds.”

Thanks so much for this hilarious guest post from author Max Gross.  Besides being a dead ringer for the actor Seth Rogen, Max is a writer for the New York Post and the author of From Schub to Stud. He blogs at

Author Max Gross

If you haven’t seen Seth Rogen recently, you might be disappointed.

He looks really, uh, good.

Svelte. Clean shaven. Neat. Not the slobby stoner that schlubs like myself could identify with.

What the hell happened, Seth? (I have a special interest in Rogen’s slovenliness – his appearance in the movie Knocked Up inspired me to write my own treatise called From Schlub to Stud about how we are living in the golden age of slobby man-children.)

But apparently sometime in the last few months, in preparation for his role in The Green Hornet, he dropped what looks like a good 30 to 40 pounds. And I, for one, was worried that his good cheer might be wrapped up in his weight. The thing that was so endearing about Rogen was the fact that he was so unapologetic about his excesses — a little like a young, Jewish Jack Falstaff.

It turns out, my worries are (I think) unfounded. If you saw him on The Daily Show last week, you would note that his good cheer is still in tact. More than in tact — his wit seems as sharp as ever. And Rogen fully acknowledged the 800 pound gorilla in the room: Namely that it is tough for a fellow tribesman to deny himself the pleasures of the plate.

“A Jew’s natural weight is 400 pounds,” Rogen declared. Anyone under 400 should be commended for keeping himself under control. (Hear, hear!)

And as Rogen and Stewart banter back and forth, the conversation veers towards the Jewish obsession with food.

Why is it, both men ask, that Jews can recall a plum that they ate in 1983, with such relish?

A fascinating question, with many possible answers. I would argue that it is an obsession that has lasted since the Jews learned to walk upright. Sure, you might hear little tidbits in the various histories about feasting (and purging) Ancient Romans — but they didn’t have the same elaborate set of rules that the Jews constructed around food. It is clearly something that has been on our minds for many centuries.

Stewart and Rogen didn’t get into that. They only acknowledged that there is a real obsession. But it’s good to know that the slim, good-looking Rogen looks like he has food still very much on the brain. Thank goodness. I just hope he puts the weight back on, fast.

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4 Responses to ““A Jew’s Natural Weight is 400 Pounds.””

  1. Avigail Says:

    A friend showed me this clip and I did think it was hilarious. I love the two of them talking about the plum. Oy. So funny.

    The same friend also raised the point that this is exactly the kind of Jewish image that Hazon works against when we encourage Jews to be more healthy and more sustainable (thru better exercise – biking- or better eating – more fresh local veggies!).

    So who’s gonna share the work we’re doing here on JCarrot with Seth and Jon? Rumor has is Seth is a Habo (that is, he’s a member of the Labor Zionist Youth Movement Habonim) – anyone wanna convince him to contribute to the blog directly?

  2. Judith Says:

    Love this clip but one question begs to be asked. Why would you eat a plum in Costa Rica? Papayas and mangos and coconuts, yes, but a plum? Really?

  3. Delilah Says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m in California, but I’ve never experienced Jews as a community of unhealthy, overweight people. I imagine the “we really enjoy food” stereotype could be applied to many cultures – Italian? Greek? Anyway, kudos to Rogan for getting healthier.

  4. Lee Says:

    Rogens openness with the fact that he loves to eat projects the point that Jews are a race of foodies. We take pride in the time it takes to prepare a nice meal, and savor the flavors via prayer and appreciation for what it took for the food to get to the table. The Jewish race enjoys food so much that we find it hard to contain ourselves when trying new recipes and combinations, eventually bringing us to an in/nutritious stupor. In reply to Judiths comment, the reason one would try a plum in Costa Rica is that us Jews enjoy food so much, that we are willing to try almost anything to compare its texture and flavors to that of a familiar food.

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