So strange, it might just be good

The evil mad scientists at created a faux tiramasu recipe for Passover, called Tiramatzah. They swear that matzah + coffee + mascarpone = “without doubt, the best tiramasu I’ve ever made.”

Will some brave soul please make this before Passover ends, and let us know how it tastes?   

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7 Responses to “So strange, it might just be good”

  1. aliza Says:

    my parents’ Shop-Rite was selling some sort of Passover tiramisu-like substance last weekend and giving out free samples. it really was not worth eating. But the home-made stuff is always much better than store-bought Passover cakes.

  2. Carly Says:

    I just found this through another blog and I had to save the recipe! I love Passover “strata” dishes made with matzah – so this has great promise.

    I may make it this weekend — so I’ll definitely let you know how it turns out!

  3. Anna Stevenson Says:

    It sounds good but my mom already made three cakes, and we have macaroons. So I’m tempted, but I think I’ll hold off for now….it does sound amazing tho!

  4. Carly Says:

    It’s official — it’s damn good. Wow — we’re on our second servings.

    All agree – yummy and delicious!

  5. Leah Koenig Says:

    Thanks for trying it out Carly! I still have two boxes of matzah that I thought I’d have to get through before Tuesday. But if the recipe is that good, maybe I’ll even make it after Pesach!

  6. Carly Says:

    Oh — I used the Joy of Cooking Tiramisu recipe — if that makes a difference!

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