Strawberry Jam

img_3895.JPG I’m like a kid in a candy store these days at the farmer’s market. Living on the northeast gives us only a few blessed months of amazing local variety. Making jam is a great way to literally preserve these fresh summer flavors for at least a few weeks. I posted an easy recipe over on Jewcy’s The Daily Shvitz, where I write regularly about food. If you so desire, you can use pectin to preseve it longer than a few weeks in the fridge, or do some research on other canning methods. Whatever your method, don’t be afraid of the sugar — jam is sweet like the summer.

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3 Responses to “Strawberry Jam”

  1. Rivka K Says:

    don’t skimp on the sugar! If you are making Jelly it won’t set. If you are ever missing home made jelly but have no fruit, I make an awesome Sangria Jelly! You can also make awesome POM Jelly from their juice.

  2. Naomi Berg Says:

    I used to pick strawberries in June at a pick-your-own farm in Locke, NY, and then I would flash freeze the fruit, bag it and put it by. I would make jelly in October when the kitchen heat from cooking and canning was welcome and the happy smell of summer would return for us. Having made from fresh and from self-picked and frozen, I can say that the jam was good either way. I’ve never tried making jam from commercially frozen fruit, and I would hesitate since I would not know the origin or the condition of each berry the way I do when I do the picking.

  3. Leah Koenig Says:

    My friends at Adamah just gave me some of their homemade sour cherry jam that I can’t wait to try. I’ve never actually made it myself though – thanks for the recipe.

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