Thanking the little guys

sandor_katz_150.jpgThe next time you pair a satisfying hunk of cheddar cheese with warm, crusty bread and wash it down with a cold micro-brew, give thanks.  Thanks to God, yes, but also thanks to micro-organisms.  Without these single-celled critters, these foods (as well as yogurt, wine, and chocolate) couldn’t exist.

Fermenting-Connoisseur and author of The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved, Sandor Katz, says: “I meet so many people who have a memory of a grandparent who had some sort of an annual fermentation ritual, whether it was making sauerkraut, making wine, making pickles. Really until 50 years ago, 75 years ago, it was really, really common at the household level for people to ferment some of their foods.”

Katz’s new book profiles fermenters, as well as other food activists (who also fall into the category of “little guys” who deserve some thanks),who are sowing the seeds of the movement against the food industry.

Read an interview with Sandor in Grist here.

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