The Death of the Bagel?


First there were Smucker’s Uncrustables – the prefab PB&J sandwiches that resemble mini pot-pies and fit snugly (jam and all) in the toaster.  Now, Kraft has introduced frozen Bagel-fuls that come pre-shmeared with cream cheese. 

Really?  PB&J and bagels with cream cheese are already the definition of “on the go” foods - is there really consumer demand to shave 30 seconds off the morning routine?  And wouldn’t these convenience bagels actually take more time since they have to defrost? 

More than that, I find Bagel-fuls to be a serious affront to the bagel’s integrity.  There was a time when the bagel – crusty, chewy, and drowning in poppy seeds – rivaled challah as the quintessential Jewish bread.  And while shrink-wrapped versions (like Lender’s) have already made a mockery of our beloved carb, Bagel-fuls truly represent a new low.

Fight back against this culinary offense – whether you’re partial to plain, scallion, or Toffuti, the right to shmear is yours.  

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(Hat tip to My Jewish Learning)

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4 Responses to “The Death of the Bagel?”

  1. Eric Schulmiller Says:

    Sorry, Leah, but I have to disagree. Some mornings, when I’m trying to feed my 1 year old and get my three year old out the door for nursery school, I’d give my right arm for an extra thirty seconds. If there was an organic version of the pre-shmeered bagel, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. As it is, I’m almost tempted to give these Kraft ones a whirl for the occasional school lunch or quick breakfast. I guess the purist alternative “breakfast hack” would be to pre-shmear and freeze my own bagels. I bet the smaller Montreal versions would work especially well. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Leah Koenig Says:

    Really Eric? Granted, I don’t have kids – so I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about there, but I just don’t think that removing even more cooking than we already have from our lives (if you can call shmearing a bagel cooking) is a good, healthy, or sustainable idea in the long run. Do we really want to inculcate our kids with the “grab and go” mentality?

    This goes back to a similar conversation thread between Anna and New York Mom a couple weeks ago.

    Maybe a happy medium would be to have your three year old help make a bunch of cream cheese bagels on a Sunday or weekday evening, so that when they’re pulled out of the freezer they’ll still be associated with “I/we made that” and not “that’s from a box.” ?? thoughts ??

  3. Eric Schulmiller Says:

    That sounds like a happy medium. Turning a pre-packaged commercial product into a chance to teach my son about healthier choices, cooking together, and how time invested now can lead to benefits in the future – what could be more sustainable than that? I think we need a new “eco-hacks” section to jcarrot…

  4. BagelLover Says:

    Do not mess with Jewish Soul Food!

    Bagels are G_d’s gift to the chosen people!

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