The First Six Months of Tav Hayosher

Thanks so much to Aryeh Pelcovitz of Uri L’Tzedek for this great guest post.

In July of 2009, Uri L’Tzedek began a small project in New York to change the way the (Orthodox / Jewish) community approached its food. Modeled after Israel’s Tav Chevrati, the Tav Hayosher, ethical seal, would certify that a kosher eating establishment was meeting legal and ethical standards in the way it treats its employees. Uri L’Tzedek granted the Tav to kosher restaurants and supermarkets after confirming that their employees were paid at least minimum wage, overtime, were granted appropriate breaks,  and work in a healthy and safe environment.

Six months later, the Tav Hayosher is proudly displayed in the window of 20 kosher eating establishments, has expanded to Maryland, and continues to grow on a daily bases (for a list of restaurants that have the Tav visit our website). Uri L’Tzedek hopes to continue to inspire the (Orthodox/Jewish) community to no longer only be concerned whether their food is kosher, but also that it is yosher. For more information on Uri L’Tzedek visit their website at

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