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There Shall Be No Needy (Win a Copy of Rabbi Jill Jacobs’ New Book!)

There Shall Be No Needy

What social justice issues do you care about?  Being a Jew and the Carrot reader one would imagine you might think about food justice, hunger, fair trade or local and sustainable food systems – and often through a Jewish lens.  So if we care about food issues, but how do we share that with others?  Over the next three weeks, we are very fortunate to have Jill Jacobs, the Rabbi-in-Residence for Jewish Funds for Justice offering her insight and thoughts on contentious challenges facing America today.

Not only that, but Jew and the Carrot readers will have the opportunity to share their experiences in tzedakah (financial support for the poor) and chesed (acts of loving-kindness) to enter to win a copy of Rabbi Jacobs’ book There Shall Be No Needy.   Simply leave us a comment about how you have given tzedakah or performed chesed. Did you intentionally give your CSA share to someone in need?  Have you volunteered at a soup kitchen? Tell us about it.

Share your story here in the comments or in any of Rabbi Jill Jacobs posts before June 18, 2009, and one lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a copy of her book.  The winner will be announced Friday June 19, 2009.

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4 Responses to “There Shall Be No Needy (Win a Copy of Rabbi Jill Jacobs’ New Book!)”

  1. beershevaboheme6 Says:

    One of my favorite group activities is volunteering at the local food bank…organizing and packing food in my kitchen never seems fun, but spending an afternoon at the food bank with twenty of my closest friends really is, and it’s a great help to those not as fortunate as I right now…

  2. MeganAnne Says:

    I have given of my time to the woman selling flowers for quarters outside of Safeway. I smiled as I passed her and stopped to listen to her life story. She wanted to heap on me all of her flowers just for taking the time to listen to her.

    PS. I would love to win this book to give it to my little sister who is currently living and going to school in Israel. She loves social justice and will change the world some day with her compassion.

  3. zel Says:

    I volunteer at my synagogue’s Social Action Project COOK FOR A FRIEND. Each month we prepare and send over 85 prepared meals to a Philadelphia site that provides Jewish Seniors with kosher meals.Yearly, after I volunteer a minimum 40 hours the company my husband retireed from sends a very generous financial contribution to support the project.This Star Award is greatly appreciated because it comes from an unexpected donor. Check out corporate sponsors.

    (Exxon Mobil Retiree Star Awards)

  4. Anna Says:

    Oh, I would love to get a copy of this book! I have been involved in community work for a long time–I used to be a worker in shelters for female victims of domestic violence, rape crisis centres, and most recently, homeless shelters for women. I recently left that life for an academic career, but said career focussing on storytelling and creating spaces in which people can share the extraordinary details of their lives. In particular, I am currently doing a lot of work training and collaborating with communities to help them tell their own stories. For example, I have helped an organization for street youth map out its own history; I have been interviewing Holocaust survivors about their life stories from day one to the present; I have helped a community health organization plan a storytelling project; I have helped an artist plan workshops with indigenous youth teaching them to tell their stories through multimedia productions.

    I feel kind of funny bragging about this stuff but it is truly what I love the most about my work–helping people find their voices. The stories I get to hear as a result are incredible, and I think the world would be a better place if we all listened to each other like I am privileged to be able to listen.

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