Time Out for vegetables

This week’s Time Out New York features an article about the growth Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) in New York City.  Quoting Paula Lukats, CSA in NYC program Manager at Just Food, “[the number of CSAs] in 2007 will spike to some 50 in the five boroughs, up from 41 in 2006.”

Hazon has also witnessed the growing trend in our Jewish CSA program, Tuv Ha’Aretz.  In the last year, Tuv Ha’Aretz grew from five to 10 synagogue and JCC communities across the country and in Israel. 

When I first started my job as Hazon’s Tuv Ha’Aretz coordinator 2 1/2 years ago, I constantly needed to explain what CSA.  It is such a pleasure to see that the idea has caught on and is increasingly familiar across the US – so much so that it was runner up as The New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year!  (It lost out to Carbon Neutral!) 

Read an excerpt of the Time Out article here

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