Top Tips to Green Your Holiday Gifts

A bit belated, but still useful for those of us who are total slackers in our shopping:

By the numbers:

25: percent increase in the trash generated during the holiday season.
86: percent of TreeHugger readers who say their kids have too much stuff.
97: percent of restaurant gift certificate receivers who say they would like to receive a restaurant gift certificate again.
83,000,000: square meters of gift wrap which winds up on the UK rubbish heaps after the holiday season.
300 million: dollars spent in the USA on mass market women’s bath gift sets.

Want to cut down on your holiday waste (or regifting)? Read’s Green Gift Guide and take advantage of their well-compiled advice. From top tips to greening un-green gifts to buying the eco-conscious ideas out there. As they say:

To help you in your quest to find organic chocolate for your vegan girlfriend, or eco-friendly golf tees for your not-so-vegan dad, or a hemp T for your fashionista sister; TreeHugger has put together an eco-gift guide to help you and your family have a greener holiday. We’ll be adding new ideas throughout the season, but here’s something to help you get a jump on your holiday green giving.

Post idea courtesy of Venture Cycling.

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