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What Does a Vegan Zombie Eat?


Grainnns! Thanks to Saul Kaiserman for alerting us to our new favorite “potential” t-shirt over at Threadless. Of course, the obligatory follow up question is, what does a Jewish zombie eat? Chrainnnn?

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5 Responses to “What Does a Vegan Zombie Eat?”

  1. Dennis Culver Says:

    Oy Brains!

  2. Eric Schulmiller Says:


  3. Nella Says:

    Vegan zombies eat tofu, because it can be made to look like brains.

  4. Soy Candles Says:

    I agree with Nella…once when I was in Beijing we were served a dish that I could have sworn was chicken only to find out it was tofu. Tofu can probably even be made to look like grains… Very funny!

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