When Life Gives you Cucumbers


The plants in the photo grew from seeds out of a packet that was marked “melons” and printed with a picture of round, yellow-skinned fruit. I consider it a miracle. Not that cucumber plants sprouted forth from melon seeds. Rather, the fact that I have cucumbers in my garden. My several previous attempts to grow cucumbers had resulted in plants that yielded maybe one or two measly, pale fruits before turning brown and shriveling up. However the cucumber seeds got there, the guilty party seems to have considerately provided a fungus-resistant variety. And they’re actually pretty tasty for cucumbers, which, lets face it, are generally more crunchy than flavorful.

 My experiment in growing melons in a limited space (left to themselves, they can take up an entire garden) will have to wait. This summer, we’ll make do with salads that have a bit more flavor than usual. 

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3 Responses to “When Life Gives you Cucumbers”

  1. Tom Ganoe Says:

    Thanks for making me laugh! What a great little story.

  2. adam Says:

    maybe it has to do with all this rain? can’t be a coincidence that the cucumbers are over-performing in my garden as well. nice to hear that others are also having a pleasant surprise this season.

  3. Eda Goldstein Says:

    It’s definitely not the rain in my garden– it never, ever rains in the summer here in Israel. In fact, I forget that people in other parts of the world can actually grow things in summer without watering them all the time.

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