Yid. Dish: Bread Machine Egg Bread

Egg Bread with Avocado

Have an old bread machine hanging around? Want the taste of challah without the effort? I’ve made this delicious egg bread from a recipe in this cookbook. It’s delicious for sandwiches, french toast, regular toast, and dunked into soup.

This past summer I bought my bread machine for $25 at the local Goodwill. It came with the booklet, and looked like it had only been used a handful of times. After a trip to the library for bread machine cookbooks, and a visit to the supermarkets for baking staples, I was ready to try it out. I made rye bread and whole wheat, white and oatmeal walnut. It’s so easy, and the aroma of bread baking is incredible. While I may be behind the times to jump on the bread machine bandwagon (I recall these contraptions being popular back in the 90′s), I do love my convenience appliances. Make sure to follow the instructions for your bread machine in order for the bread to turn out correctly. 

Bread Machine Egg Bread

1 lb loaf                        Ingredients                      1  1/2 lb loaf

1                                            egg                                        1 + 1 yolk

1/2 cup                              milk                                        3/4 cup

1 tbsp                                  butter                                    1  1/2 tbsp

2 tbsp                                  sugar                                      3 tbsp

1 tsp                                     salt                                      1  1/2 tsp

2 cups                                 bread flour                         3 cups

1  1/2 tsp                            yeast                                   2  1/4 tsp

Put ingredients in bread pan in order suggested by your bread machine instructions. Set for white bread, medium crust. Press Start.

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5 Responses to “Yid. Dish: Bread Machine Egg Bread”

  1. Bobbie Says:

    I have friends that use their bread machine to mix up their “egg bread,” then take it out of the machine after the first rising to shape the dough and braid it into challah. After shaping, it rises again and gets finished in the oven.
    I actually enjoy the mixing and kneading by hand. It doesn’t take that long, and while getting my hands into the dough, I get to get some of my aggression out while having that playing in the mud fun. I have also enjoyed learning to braid 3 and 4 ropes, and making crown challah for the High Holidays. In any case, nothing beats the smell of baking bread!

  2. Hannah Lee Says:

    My rebbetzin uses her bread machine to proof her challah dough, freeing her oven for baking the rest of the meal. Me, I can spare my oven for the hour or so of proofing, and I don’t have to give up counter space to another gadget!

  3. Home Shuling Says:

    I’m looking for a good bread machine challah recipe, but from a halachic perspective, this one’s problematic because kosher bread needs to be pareve. Have you tried it with water or a milk substitute?

  4. duri Says:

    Dear Home Shuling,
    I make only parve breads in my machine. There is a good rcipe online for parve bread machine challah. Alternately, I use soy milk or almond milk instead of the milk. I f the recipe calls for dry milk I substitute the soy milk and then subtract the amount of milk that I used from the total amount of the liquid required in the recipe.
    Susie Fishbein also has a parve bread machine recipe in one of her books. It is excellent.

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