Why Cyber Romance Can Be Considered as Cheating

What is Cyber Romance?

Cyber romance or cyber love is a friendly, romantic or sexual relationship that takes place in a virtual environment.

In this age, it happens via the internet through instant messaging apps, social media, online dating platforms, chat line dating and interactive sex cams among others.

Others refer to cyber romance as cyber dating or online relationship.

In a typical scenario, a guy meets a girl in a chat room, establishes a connection and eventually gets drawn to each other emotionally.

Are cyber romances real?

We often hear about couples who met online through social media platforms or dating apps. Some find a way to meet while others do not. Still, they would claim to have relationships of love or romantic friendship.

The question is if such relationships or online “affairs” are real. If we’ll conclude that it’s impossible to love someone without seeing them in person, it’s tantamount to saying that blind people are not capable of loving someone.

Cyber-romances and online relationships are the new forms of cheating.

In some affairs and relationships, touching and physical contact may not necessarily happen. However, the emotional connection and sexual desire may be stronger and persistent.

And we know for a fact that sexual activities can easily happen online or even via phone.

In this age of sex cams, video calls, phone sex chat and sexting, cyber romances can easily flourish and escalate to become acceptable forms of love and relationship. Given such conception, cyber romances count as affairs.

And if we choose to believe that cyber romance is possible, then we can view actions like communicating with another person online as cyber infidelity.

This counts as cheating against your partner.

The internet and various online sources have created multiple avenues and opportunities for cheating and infidelity.

Others might even try to justify that such relationships have no validation, are merely superficial and lack sincerity.

But we cannot deny the fact that a lot of marriages go through challenges and difficulties because of the internet.

Online resources have made it even harder for partners and married couples to avoid having an affair and to stay away from temptations.

Therefore, the existence of interactive porn, video calls, social media and instant messaging apps continue to impose a lot of pressure on marriages and relationships.