Why Affairs and Infidelity Happen in Marriage

There are many reasons that contribute to affairs and infidelity. Some are not even about sex.

Apparently, some cases of cheating don’t have anything to do with unhappy marriages and discontentment. They are mere behaviors of people who are seeking for something.

Sadly, moving on after an affair is not an easy process and has serious consequences. Still, despite this truth, affairs and infidelity still take place in most marriages regardless of their circumstances.

Here are the top reasons why affairs and infidelity happen in marriage and relationships;

Lack of affection

Individuals who feel that they lack affection in their marriage seek for it elsewhere.

For instance, a wife may be too preoccupied with her children that she fails to express affection towards her husband. Or a husband may be too busy with his work that he ends up neglecting his wife.

Strong feelings of neglect and lack of affection may drive partners to look for someone who can satisfy that need. Thus, affairs can easily take place.

One of the causes of infidelity is the constant desire to seek for fondness and appreciation outside of marriage and from other people.

Loss of fondness for each other

Throughout the course of marriage, a couple may come across a series of ups and downs.

Couples who fail to deal with the downsides of marriage or are unable to come into terms with the challenges may seek for a way out by having an affair.

The husband may feel that their marriage is losing its spark or his wife is not as fun as she used to be. Or the wife may feel that she’s losing connection with her husband and they no longer have fun together.

In such cases, the partners may end up seeking for fondness and appreciation from others by having an affair.

Sexual Dissatisfaction

Couples who feel that their sex life has become dull and has lost its magic may end up fulfilling their sexual fantasies through other people.

The partners may end up having sexual relations with others like their colleagues or other acquaintances just to revive their sex life.

Technology is a crucial element in most extramarital affairs. In this age of interactive sex cams, phone sex chat lines, social media hype and online dating; finding a brief sexual affair has become easily accessible.

Cheating can easily take place when another person enters a marriage and provides sympathy and comfort to a troubled husband/wife.

Lack of Communication

Communication problems remain to be one of the leading causes of marital breakdowns. A lot of couples fail to communicate their conflicts with each other.

Instead, they choose to spend their time finding comfort by being with other people instead of dealing with the situation.

This results to more serious conflicts and development of affairs particularly when another person enters the scene and provides sympathy and comfort to a trouble wife or husband.

Given the situation, it becomes practically easy to fall into the trap of temptation and get into an affair thinking that they deserve to find comfort and understanding from another person.

Marital Issues that have been building up for years

Unresolved problems and pending conflicts have a tendency to build up over years and take a toll on marriage. These can cause irreparable damages that can weaken the foundation of a relationship.

It can trigger frustration, disappointment and loneliness in marriage. Sadly, these can all drive one or both partners to enter into affairs in an attempt to escape from the marriage conflicts.

Examples of unresolved issues are; financial problems, addictions, psychological conditions like bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and constant cheating among many others.

Failure to act upon these pending and existing problems can drive one or both parties to find comfort in others and seek for happiness elsewhere.